About Us

We work with experienced medical experts, accountable for overall project implementation, working with clients in the life sciences field, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices.

Nexgram Medical (NMED) specialize in business advisory in procurement and distribution of medical devices such as Instant Rapid Test Kit, Speed RT-qPCR, Reagents Test Kit, Ventilator, Disinfection thermometer and spray terminal, as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) such as 3-ply masks, N95 face masks, KN90 face masks, Surgical masks, Medical protective glasses, Disposable Surgical Medical Gown and Clothing, Sanitizer, as well as referrals to authorities approved Vaccines and Medicine supplies.

Nexgram Medical is available to International markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, France, Spain, Germany, South Africa, and other countries and regions.

NMed is operated by Tri-G Technologies Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Nexgram Industries, under Nexgram Holdings Berhad, a public listed company in Malaysia.