Disinfection Spray and Thermo Scan Terminal – (R)


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Terminal: one set
Inductive hand washing device: one set
Infrared temperature measuring device: one set
Disinfection atomization device: one set
Power cord: one piece
Pedal: two pieces
Water curtain: one set

Power supply: 220V / AC
Weight: About 180kg
Power: 450W
Operating noise: less than 36dB
Working environment: 0 °C – + 35 °C (disinfectant can’t be used when it’s frozen below 0 °C)
External dimension: 2400mm (H) × 1200mm (W) × 2000mm (L)
Terminal size: 1950mm (H) × 1100mm (W) × 2000mm (L)
Type of disinfectant: food grade disinfectant
Volume of disinfectant tank: 20 L
Temperature collection distance: 15-20cm
Temperature collection time: about 2 seconds
Temperature collection accuracy: plus or minus 0.5 °C at room temperature
Temperature collection location: forehead, wrist inside (non-contact type)
Temperature collection range: 34-45 °C

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